004 — intō Exclusive: Video Launch

To celebrate the launch of intō’s first branding video, we recently conducted an interview with Kijin Jang, director of the video.



What about the intō concept intrigued you enough to want to work with us?

intō stands out from other emerging brands. The most impressive thing about intō is its foundational philosophical message with thoughtful and conceptual ideas and a unique business strategy. When I first heard the brand story, it was easy to notice how novel intō is as a brand. In this world of very rapid and instant media and content, intō is going in a different direction, taking time to focus on expanding their philosophy into their branding. The brand effortlessly captures the present moment and brings out individual values from today’s world that seeks extreme stimulations. The aesthetics of intō with time and moment-based concepts has made me rethink balancing my worldview and perspectives with my surroundings. 

Who and what are you inspired by?

Maya Deren and Michelangelo Antonioni create dreamlike images in their films, and I am also hoping to create my work in that direction. More conceptual video works of Jack Goldstein, Dan Graham, Vito Acconci, William Wegmen, and Michael Smith also inspire me. At times, profound meanings illustrated by a compound framework or character from movies or novels inspire me as well.

On the other hand, I’m also inspired by ordinary things in life because, in my opinion, there are no new things under the sun. For example, being inspired by someone walking in a subway station isn’t my originality. It is a mixture of direct and indirect experiences, memories, emotions, and visions. Yet reflecting on and comprehending such a blend of things has taught me that drawing from our shared human experiences shape narratives that can deeply reach individuals wherever they are. 

"At times, profound meanings illustrated by a compound framework or character from movies or novels inspire me as well."

What does a moment, value, and time mean to you?

A moment, value, and time are all relative. For me, time can be seen, as I’m able to document and assemble those “times” for whatever reasons. Moments are temporary imaginations. Value isn’t tangible, but it’s something that I create.

What was it like working with intō on the planning and execution of the taxi video?

Working on the taxi film for intō was an amazing experience. We had multiple meetings with the intō team to understand their brand messaging and identity. This allowed the Creative Silver team to develop a unique creative tailored to the intō brand. With intō, we decided to create two branding films instead of conventional advertisements. These films had a narrative arc, emotional climax, dynamic characters, and we tried to incorporate social, cultural, or relatable situations into the stories. Stylistically we aimed for subtlety. It was important to not over dramatize the trivial fighting that appears in the films. From there, with the help of Producer and Writer, Mitchell Lazar, I led the Creative Silver team through the whole production process culminating in two branding films and a series of additional social media content for intō.

Video by Creative Silver


Kijin Jang is a filmmaker and a multimedia artist working in the medium of moving images. Kijin was born in Seoul, South Korea then moved to Tokyo, Japan while studying and working in film and media. He is now based in New York. While in the US, Kijin earned his MFA degree in Photo, Video, and Related Media at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and he focused on making experimental films and video art that represents ordinary experiences with a familiar realm of psychological reflection and inner beliefs.

Kijin Jang

His film, The Astronomical, Astrological, and Mythological, has been selected by several international film festivals such as the Montecatini Film Festival in Italy, as well as festivals in Lisbon, New York, and Hollywood. His work was also featured in Alice Magazine and the Millennium Film Journal, which is the oldest avant-garde film magazine.

Currently, Kijin is a founder of Creative Silver which is an independent creative studio based in New York City, working on fashion, branded content, and commercials for international companies and brands.

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