Deep dive on intō wet probiotic facial trio

Written by Tasha Merchant on Jul 02, 2022

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For the lip moisturizer and hand moisturizer, we worked closely with our in-house chemists to solidify our unique approach to skincare with probiotics. With the newly launched facial trio, we decided to branch out and collaborate with Niche Skin Labs based in Toronto, Canada to bring an understanding and scientific wisdom around natural/clean skincare more suitable for North American climate and regional microbiome tendencies. Together with approaches developed by our in-house chemists in Japan and Niche Skin Labs in Toronto, we mastered formulations representing and focusing on our philosophy of balance. Here is a deep dive of our process with an interview with Niche Skin Labs.


Photo by Todd Midler



Cosmetic formulation labs take great pride in the quality of their formulations. With the right formulators, labs can produce high quality skincare products that will match the branding of their clients. As the beauty industry continues to shift towards natural and clean, cosmetic labs are going to be relied on more heavily to create effective and safe formulations that incorporate plant extracts and innovative new actives. Our in-house lab conducted extensive research on the ideal probiotic/prebiotic complex, drawing from the age-old Japanese practices of harmoniously combining traditional ingredients with science to formulate high quality products proven to brighten, hydrate, and nourish the skin. 

For the formulation and production of our new intō wet collection, we collaborated with Niche Skin Labs to enhance our formulation. Niche Skin Labs is a boutique product development company, based in Toronto, Canada. This combination of knowledge – between our Japanese in-house chemists and Niche Labs – allowed us to develop and refine a probiotic skincare formulation that is customized to the North American climate and microbiome patterns.

We spoke to Corey Miles, the founder of Niche, to gain insight as to the scope of what goes on behind the scenes in the production of cosmetic formulation. His extensive experience in product development has given him in-depth knowledge of skincare trends and how to identify opportunities to better the quality of formulations.



According to Corey, in recent years, there has been increasing interest in the skin’s microbiota. A microbiome is the genetic makeup of all the bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses that live on and inside the human body. Some of the bacteria that lives on our skin is extremely beneficial for fighting off infection, easing inflammation and protecting us from the external elements. As such, we should feed this bacteria and promote its growth. The terminology revolving around pre-, pro-, and postbiotic can often get mixed up. Prebiotic ingredients are nutrition for the beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are the microorganisms, like the bacteria found in yogurt or kimchi; they positively interact with our gut’s immune system. Post-biotics are the byproducts of the probiotics after feeding on the prebiotics; there are no living bacteria in postbiotics. 

“Clean” in the beauty space is a movement towards more conscious consumption and research into what goes into our skincare products. The beauty industry is transitioning from older habits to new ones. In the digital age, consumers have become more aware of what goes into their routines, no longer accepting the status quo for their skincare regimens. Consumers should be aware of what goes into their beauty routines, and product formulation transparency is how we strive to do this; product formulation which promotes beauty that can ultimately balance our microbiome.

Our recently launched probiotic facial trio contains both a prebiotic/probiotic complex, as well as Goji Berry Kombucha (a postbiotic) with excellent soothing and antioxidant properties. Our hero ingredient is Lactobacillus ferment, a powerful probiotic ingredient known to promote hydration, with anti-inflammatory properties that provide long-lasting soothing and protection. 

Allow our trio of face products to work together to complete the intō experience, designed to create the optimal environment for your microbiome.