Vulnerability to Stress & Balancing Microbiome

Written by Ray Suzuki on Nov 16, 2021

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The effects of stress go deeper than the surface

 – they can affect a person’s whole life in considerable ways. In addition to negatively impacting our self-image and perception of the world around us, stress can adversely affect our microbiome's balance, resulting in undeniable changes to our skin and gut health. Furthemore, studies have shown that patients with microbiome imbalances due to external toxins/stressors may experience mental distress such as stress and anxiety①, which can in turn have a negative effect on skin condition. One of the many factors that contribute to acne-prone skin are increased levels of  cortisol and androgen②, which are produced by the endocrine system in response to stressors. As part of the skin's immune defense , these hormones increase the production of sebum; an oily substance that typically acts as a protective barrier for skin hair follicles, but that can cause pore blockages and in turn skin breakouts when over-produced.

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The good news, however, is that we are in control of our bodies. 

There are methods we can incorporate into our daily lives to reduce the stress levels we experience. An adequate amount of sleep, exercise, mindful living, and meditation can help renew the brain and body. Stress can also be reduced through relaxation and rejuvenation. The natural fragrances of our products are developed with the combination of several essential oils — including rosemary and orange — invoking a light and calming scent and also contributing to the product’s moisturizing effect.  We can also reduce stress levels with more extensive knowledge of pre/probiotics – for instance, incorporating more prebiotics in our diet provides a food source for the healthy bacteria in our gut, restoring balance of the microbiome. On that same note, a more conscious diet involving probiotics can exert effects on our microbiota, using similar mechanisms to promote equilibrium and improve our health. 

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Stress reduction is key to taking care of our bodies inside and out. At into, we’ve integrated our scientific knowledge with advanced technologies and created probiotic-rich formulations engineered to have comprehensive care for better skin condition and overall well being. Probiotics can significantly improve the quality of your life as well as the condition of your skin when you incorporate them into your skincare regimen. 

Photo by Todd Midler

As a society, we must empower one another, and one way to do so is to spread awareness regarding the links between skin problems, gut health, and restoring a balanced microbiome. The function of probiotics aligns perfectly with intō’s mission; promoting the importance of this balance.

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