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A concept brand that seamlessly unifies the exaltation of natural beauty.



What does “intō” mean?

Every day, every moment offers us a choice between confusing and contradicting options. Aware of it or not, in many situations, we feel an obligation to participate and choose.

We are tired of extremes. Why can’t we find the space in between?

It is made almost impossible by the attention economy. Today, the algorithm values deep polarization over objective balance. Hyper-personalization takes a user on a journey to their own personal reality warp. Extremist content retains more users, creates more engagement, and re-affirms preexisting beliefs and biases. This deterministic algorithm leaves no agency to engage with the world outside that echo chamber, unless the user seeks it out themselves. 

Then, the best balance can only be created by leading with curiosity, willingness to explore, and discomfort that it takes to understand all extremities. If we subject ourselves to critically assessing all polarities, we can hope to find that sweet spot - the into between them.  

Photo: Todd Midler 

Instagram vs Are.na?
Mass vs Niche?
Good (social justice) vs happy (personal gain)?
Creativity vs profitability?
Feeling vs logic?

intō, as the name represents, celebrates the state of being in action: moving into a new consciousness, yet not fully leaving the past behind.

The further one goes into an extreme, the more willingness there has to be found in exploration of its polar opposite: allowing to establish a non-judgemental and critical balance.

The conundrum of polarities is here to stay. And the only way to integrate it, is to generate a constant movement between seemingly contradicting ideas: to have the capacity to go to the extremes, yet to be neither fully in, nor outside of them.

With this philosophy in mind, intō believes that a hopeful critical investigation of contradictions, turns the noisy world into a participatory platform, rather than a destructive chaos for selfish greed. 

intō finds a space between entities to fill, a unique, unexplored zone.


Timecode for intō serves as a reminder that every moment we have a choice to step into balance. To step into the present moment, again and again. As it is the state of the in-between: where past and future merge with each passing second. The timecode on each product marks the year, month, date, hour, minute, and second when the product became available for purchase on our website.

The intō wet lip moisturizer features our unique timecode.


First product line intō Wet starts with a probiotic lip moisturizer, inspired by the concept of the endless shifting between our internal and external worlds. Lips are the entrance to our internal world.

intō movement embraces the responsibility and beauty of creating new value proposition, establishing balance, and inducing real change in all aspects of customer consciousness: in thought, sensation, and corporeal.

Delivering change in thought, we ask: How much does a moment mean to you? How do you perceive time and memory?

In sensation we invite you to take a moment of pleasure, to allow your attention to follow the sensory of smell and texture that alter your state of being, even for a little while. In corporeal, we seek deep nourishment, balance, and introduction of an established benefit of probiotics.

intō as a company finds itself as an embodiment of both: soft (idea) and hard (product); pleasurable design (happiness) and ethical message (goodness) - creating a conspicuous product that is intentionally engineered with a meaning behind it. 

Photo: Todd Midler 

intō History 

intō inc. was established in 2018, NYC by Ray Suzuki. Ray envisioned intō as a highly critical platform, and conspired with multidisciplinary creatives to the point of a strong collaboration. The internal team is nothing but that: a well-rounded collection of cultural and professional diversity, encompassing art, design, technology, and science. 

In collaboration with a venerable Tokyo based laboratory with over 40 years of experience in cosmetic production and research, intō wet yields a perfected cosmetic product. A product combining high quality products with an emphasis on consciousness and well designed product development. This combination has inspired Ray to introduce intō wet lip moisturizer as a first statement piece, setting the table for more..


As our products undergo meticulous processes of development, we equally submerge ourselves into the methodical refinement of the concept message behind them. With this production formula, we define ourselves as a concept based product brand. We will be creating a variety of products that encompass physical elements of sensuality, as much as solid concepts modeled by the company’s philosophy.

Ultimately, intō seeks to find an antidote for a commoditized human presence.

We take on a challenge to embody the perpetual contradictions of our world and continue a rigorous creative practice for balance, transformation, and focus. We celebrate differences by highlighting the natural beauty of things as they are. In hope to find a silent camaraderie of stepping intō the present moment together, we ask: what is your part in this movement?

intō journal will delve into topics outlined above, as well as topics of a similar nature. If you are curious, have an idea, or want to share an opinion, drop us an email.


Written by: Rūta Žemčugovaitė

Images: Todd Midler 

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