002 — Manifesto

A balanced approach for brand philosophy.



We see imbalance. We see human vulnerability being taken advantage of in the dawn of the attention economy. We see a morphed value distribution. We see echo chambers and algorithmically induced polarization. We feel the knife’s edge of excessively contradicting realities we are up against.

We condemn exploitation and asymmetric distribution of power, which sometimes is borderline invisible - At the same time, we do not fight it in the most evident way. We do not go into streets, nor try to shut down their servers. We see capitalism as a double edged sword: a birthplace of modern society, with as much capacity for growth and prosperity, as self destruction.


Photo: Todd Midler

That being said, intō expands far enough to contain contradictions: it allows duality and polarity, as it recognizes that the world cannot depolarize overnight (nor should it). It recognizes that there many paths to transformation: an experience of awe and inherent beauty of everyday things, as much as a deep and soulful inquiry; a habitual shift in daily patterns, as much as reality-disrupting experiences. The new consciousness does not exclude, it transcends
and includes.

It’s up for us to lead the change of consciousness in capitalism, from a single customer to the mass market. We take on the challenge to positively commoditize this change and open up the niche market to a broader audience: through products that are easily accessible and that are integral parts of our lives.

Photo: Todd Midler

As the name intō suggests, we want to transition from one state of consciousness into another. We understand the inherent transformation that the in-between generation carries. The space and time that is needed for that change to happen is well worth inhabiting and exploring. And our human virtue to contain high degrees of ambiguity and opposing truths will pave the way.

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Written by: Rūta Žemčugovaitė

Images: Todd Midler 

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