Introduction to the World of intō: Our Story

Written by Emily Radford on Feb 22, 2022

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If you were to ask a roomful of people about their skincare routine, each person would have a different answer. It’s easy to become confused and even overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products advertised to us. But skincare doesn't need to be complicated. We believe that a pursuit of balance and the inclusion of probiotics can serve as an antidote to our noisy world, minimizing confusion.

intō is a luxury probiotic product brand.

intō carries expertly-tested and curated products which combine trusted, age-old Japanese rituals with scientifically-backed ingredients to promote a unified balance for both our skin and overall health. Our first product line “intō wet” will introduce a collection of moisturizing probiotic skincare products meticulously formulated by in-house experienced cosmetologists in Japan.  

Photo: Todd Midler 

Our products explore the concept that the benefits of probiotics can go beyond what we know about gut health.

The result of a scientifically and traditionally backed regimen like ours is skin that is healthy and thriving, with a balanced microbiome and the tools necessary to maintain it.

In the age of the attention economy, dominated by loud, addictive content and filled with advertisements that focus on the end goal of what your skin “should” look like, intō as the name represents, is the process itself: 

Neither fully in nor out, the journey into healthy skin, a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a balanced world.


intō is the representation of in between.



Hence, our mission is Balance. As probiotics harmonize the microbiomes of our gut and skin, intō’s mission is to balance our consciousness, lifestyle and our skin condition: to act as the probiotic of our society.

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Written by: Francesca Craft & Tasha Merchant

Images: Todd Midler 

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