How Pre- and Probiotics Affect Us, Inside & Out

Written by Emily Radford on Nov 21, 2020

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The words prebiotic and probiotic may be familiar to those who take vitamins and supplements. We’ve heard these words used by health gurus, nutritionists and dieticians, and might have even seen beauty and wellness products advertised as having pre- or probiotic ingredients. Unlike most buzzwords, however, the benefits of pre- and probiotics are supported by a wealth of evidence and scientific research conducted over decades.

So what are pre- and probiotics?

Microscopic image of probiotics



contain live organisms that assist in the maintenance of a healthy gut and immune system. They exist naturally in yogurts and fermented foods and can be consumed directly in higher concentrations in supplement form. These products work to increase the populations of specific bacteria in our personal microbiotic ecosystem, fighting off harmful pathogens and toxins that compromise our health.①

There are helpful, neutral, and harmful bacteria in the microbiota. Many strains of microbiota remain unidentified, so their effects remain unclear. We do know, however, that there is a specific effect of lactic acid bacteria, as it is the most functional positive bacteria within the gut microbiome.② Different strains of Lactobacillus provide a wealth of benefits to our skin and gut microbiome, such as alleviating skin inflammation and accelerating the recovery of barrier function.③

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are the various plant fibers and complex carbohydrates (found in most fruit and veggies) that these probiotic microorganisms feed off of. In other words, prebiotics provide the necessary nutrients that our microbiome needs to thrive, survive and do its job.

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Probiotics in intō products

Our probiotic skincare products are formulated with uncompromised, high quality natural ingredients and a meticulous attention to detail for lasting benefits, sweeping away impurities and nourishing the skin in one simple step, providing internal and external benefits. Our products do not contain live bacteria or microorganisms; rather, we believe that our non-live probiotic formulations promote balancing the microbiome, which is typically the root cause of many skin/health issues

The addition of these non-live derivatives combined with our other ingredients – including Royal Jelly, Honey, Pholiota Microspora, and Aloe Leaf Extract – help maintain skin health as well as facilitate moisturization and barrier protection.  

At intō, all our products are safe and effective for all skin types, as each product's main goal is to work on a deeper cellular level to protect and balance the skin.


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Written by: Francesca Craft & Tasha Merchant

Images: Todd Midler 

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