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Everything. A how-to guide for creating your first concept-based product.



intō wet lip moisturizer is the first product that intō has developed. As a concept-based product brand we communicate our philosophy and meaning through our products.

In this article we share our process - from concept to product.

Photo: Todd Midler

This how-to guide can be applied to any other product, but here we use intō wet lip moisturizer as the poster child.

We kept it short.

1. Define the philosophy. 

Philosophy is the gravity of a concept brand.

Photo: Todd Midler

It informs everything that the brand generates into the world: from an Instagram Story to a finalized product. Philosophy is the raison d'être.

intō’s philosophy is the movement towards a rebalancing of consciousness.

We seek for an integration of both: mass consumption and the deep values of the immaterial. We recognize the state of the world being dual and proportionate in its’ potentials.

2. Generate a product that will reflect this philosophy. 

This is the thought-body of the product. 

If changing the way we think changes consciousness, then it’s up for us to decide how we want to change that thinking.

Let’s say we want to transform the way consumers perceive value and point them towards the ambiguity of personal perception. We can choose a product that is a) an everyday product (lip moisturizer), b) yet deeply personal, c) and highlights a part of us that is ambiguous and symbolizes the duality of our nature (lips).

Lips prophesize a space of transition: vital, intimate, salient, and quiet.

Lips are the first space through which the outside world reaches into the inner.

They are the final space before the inner word connects with the external. A word, a kiss, a sigh, a truth cannot be taken back once it has passed this barrier.

With intō wet lip moisturizer we celebrate the inherent and complex beauty that lips hold. We nourish the part of us that can entail duality and express opposing truths, as much as it can give way when others are expressing theirs. 

3. Design a product and make it abstract. 

The product design has to be congruent with the philosophy. If we value the process as much as the end product, then our choices will reflect it. The aim is to hide the heavyweight stories, and translate them into a sensible design.

Photo: Todd Midler

intō wet lip moisturizer was meticulously crafted in collaboration between Wax Studios, a Brooklyn based Design studio, and our in-house laboratory in Tokyo. We have created a product that deeply hydrates and protects lips with a generous lipid barrier (outer world). simultaneously fortifying the inner beauty with ingredients focused on probiotics (inner world).

4. Layer more meaning. 

Products that we use daily shape us the most in the long term. 

If they are meaningful and re-direct us towards a higher, more balanced version of ourselves, then we are on the path of transformation.

Most of the market is saturated with products that create imbalance in value perception.

Because our desire is to transform the nature of the attention economy, we can craft products that counteract it. We achieve it by making products fun to engage with, yet meaningful to consciousness.

5. Sell the representation of time. 

We could not be a concept based brand if we did not address one of the most fundamental concepts of our world: time. 

Photo: Todd Midler

Real and completely made up, time unifies our experiences and fully separates them. We were all experiencing something on 20-02-29 12:00:00. We shared it separately, or together. This moment could have remained so precious, or so trivial - depending on individual experience.

We laser etched time codes on each intō wet lip moisturizer container because we want to remind that every “right now” is the ultimate place to appreciate the true values. Now is where every present moment gains its meaning in the retrospect.

Photo: Todd Midler


Every idea can be the beginning of a new concept. A challenge is to develop, execute, and translate it into a product that could seamlessly communicate the essence. At the same time, to create a product that has value of its own: enjoyable and precious on a surface. And as one opens it, they find layers of stories behind it.

Written by: Rūta Žemčugovaitė

Images: Todd Midler 

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