How to create intō products with balance in mind

Written by Emily Radford on Dec 17, 2020

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Photo by Lea Banchereau

intō wet lip moisturizer is the first product that intō has developed. As a concept-based product brand, we start with a concept development and transform it into the highest quality product precisely aligned with the philosophy.

In this article we share our process - from concept to product.

Photo: Marcelo Gomes

This how-to guide can be applied to any other product, but here we use intō wet lip moisturizer as an example of our process.


1/3  Define philosophy

Philosophy is the gravity of a concept brand.

Photo: Kisshomaru Shimamura

It informs everything that the brand generates into the world: from an Instagram Story to a finalized product and its package design's hidden message. Philosophy is the raison d'être for everyone as long as you don't kick trees... (Story is in the hidden copy on the intō wet Lip Moisturizer's package)

intō’s philosophy is the balance.  Our mission of harmonizing consciousness, lifestyle and the skin condition

We seek for an integration of both: mass consumption and the values of the immaterial. We recognize the state of the world being dual and proportionate in its’ potentials which is the concept represented with the benefits of probiotic ingredients. 

2/3  Generate a product that will reflect this philosophy. 

This is the thought-body of the product. 

We choose a product that is 1: an everyday product for everyone (lip moisturizer), 2: yet deeply personal, 3: and highlights a part of us that is "in-between" symbolizing the duality of our nature (lips).

Lips prophesize a space of transition: vital, intimate, salient, and quiet.

Lips are the space through which the outside world reaches into the inner (Tangible).

They are the final space before the inner expression connects with the external (Intangible). A word, a kiss, a sigh, a truth cannot be taken back once it has passed this barrier: A perfect representation of in-between.


Photo: Marcelo Gomes


3/3  Embody the concept into the highest quality products. 

The formulation development has to be congruent with the philosophy. If we value the process as much as the end product, then our choices will reflect it. 

Photo: Marcelo Gomes

intō wet lip moisturizer was meticulously crafted in collaboration between our in-house laboratory in Tokyo and concept/design development team in New York. After many prototypes, we have created a product that deeply hydrates and protects lips with a generous lipid barrier (outer world). simultaneously fortifying the inner beauty with ingredients focused on probiotics (Inner world).

Our intō wet Lip Moisturizer is made with our soul and love both in the process of its concept development and formulation craftspersonship.

Written by: Ray Suzuki

Images: Marcelo Gomes and Kisshomaru Shimamura 

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