Societal Influences on Skin: intō for Everyone

Written by Ray Suzuki on Jan 31, 2022

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When discussing skin health, we must recognize that there are forces beyond our perception playing an important role in our overall health and our skin’s appearance.

The environment and the spaces we occupy are good examples of this, but we also need to talk about the effects of culture and social pressures on our skin, as well as the stifling influence of beauty standards. 

At intō, we recognize this ugly side of the beauty industry

we believe in formulation for everyone. The approach of probiotics-based skincare solutions does not discriminate, but rather, it unifies and balances. 

Photo by Todd Midler 

We must confer with science when determining which beauty products are actually assisting our skin’s health. Many ‘solutions’ that are being offered by the beauty industry are truly detrimental to our bodies. Researchers have found, for example, that a modest to moderate decrease in skin barrier function can result from many popular products stacked in the cosmetics section at pharmacies, meaning that the skin’s natural defense against environmental aggressors (pollutants and sun exposure that cause premature aging and skin disease, for instance) may be compromised. That is why at intō, we set ourselves apart from the rest by empowering our customers with the knowledge of what ingredients our products contain and how they are effective. Probiotics in various environments – whether that be on the surface of our skin, in our gut microbiome, or within society – all work in unison.

If we focus more on the idea that internal health equates to beauty, we have the power to make a change in the way people define and judge beauty


= the source of much ugliness. 


By knowing and understanding the benefits of our products from the inside out, everyone will better be able to see and feel the difference that comes with clean beauty. We recognize the power of probiotics not only for its magnificent benefits for our skin and wellbeing, but also for its absolute fairness and balance.


Photo by Marcelo Gomes

We believe true clean beauty is about aligning our principles with our products. True clean beauty works actively against discrimination and does not define beauty standards. Intō acts as probiotics in society, we aim to balance and draw focus to what really matters.