developed in tokyo, based in new york.

( what we do )intō is a luxury probiotic product brand. Our first product line “intō wet” will introduce a collection of moisturizing probiotic skincare products developed by in-house experienced cosmetologists in Japan.

intō mission

Probiotics are not only for gut health.

They’re also for skincare and overall health.

We make all of our skincare products with a focus on probiotic ingredients.

As probiotics harmonize our microbiome in gut and skin surface, intō’s mission is to balance our consciousness, lifestyle and our skin condition, just as if we were probiotics of the society.

intō balance

In the age of the attention economy, loud and addictive contents take over our surroundings.

intō seeks aesthetic in quiet and truthful statements.

When instant gratification and a million followers are worshiped, intō finds a long term mission with those who share the sentiment with us. intō represents the process itself, not fully in nor out, thus we are intō, it’s the seemingly quiet yet profound state of in-between. With this idea in mind, intō will continue to define critical balances in times of growing division in society.

↗ Our approach

intō vision

Just like balance is key to a healthy microbiome, intō is built on nuanced balances and sophisticated dualities.

intō was founded by Ray Suzuki, who believes the vision and mission must exactly be aligned with the end products. Therefore, intō starts with building concepts and philosophies first and then transforming them into products.

We partner with a cosmetic lab in Japan with over 40 years of experience to embody the concepts into the highest quality formulation.
With our aligned philosophy and products, we aim to define the most critical yet non-judgemental balance, the state of in-between for a better living for everyone.

↗ Our approach